Jardines de Tetuán | Construction 2021

Masterplanning & Detailed design | with BAB Arquitectos Asociados

Location | Madrid | 2021

This new park in the heart of the Tetuán neighbourhood in Madrid was commissioned by the local authority to provide a green space to new and existing neighbours. The park opens a new link between two streets, provides areas for contemplation, a children’s playground, and provides access to two new housing developments. The central circular playground is surrounded by a concrete wall which fluctuates in width and height, creating a bespoke play opportunity.

A SUDS system has been implemented on site with the use of permeable paving solutions, rain gardens and drought tolerant plant species.  The main idea behind the soft landscape was to create a lush, low maintenance understorey with a focus on evergreen foliage. Meandering across this lush evergreen ocean, a river of ornamental grasses brings movement and drama throughout the entire year.

Towering above the understorey, specimens of mature Gleditsia triacanthos provide shelter during the scorching summer months whilst Cupressus sempervirens strike a much needed conversation with the surrounding buildings. Multi-stem cultivars of Syringa vulgaris in two different varieties bring scent, blossom and autumnal colour.