Razamonde Priory

Razamonde Priory | Long-term Landscape Strategy

Location | O Ribeiro | Spain

Located in the heart of 'O Ribeiro' wine producing reagion, Razamonde Priory extends over over 8Ha of land comprising large areas of vineyards and protected masses of native forest that edge the shore of the surrounding lake.

The owners of the Priory contacted us to produce a long-term landscape strategy for the estate. An initial Visual Landscape Assessment informed the proposed intervention, ensuring the promotion of biodiversity whilst at the same time turning the priory into an attractive destination for visitors. 

An intervention building on the existing natural potential was suggested and different character areas identified, including a river pier.  Conceptual designs, planting plans and hard landscaping plans were produced for each of the areas, all of which respond to a holistic biodiversity and feasibility plan. The phasing for the master planning expands over an 8 year period.