London Architecture Festival

Urbanization & Woodlands | London Architecture Festival 2018 | with Sigita Simona

Location | St. Paul's Cathedral | London

The installation, a collaboration with my friend Sigita Simona, opened to the public throughout the month of June at St. Paul Cathedral's yard, London. 

Its name, 'Building site', is an allegory to the way in which the current Western cult of youth affects the way our cities are being re-designed. The pursuit of constant reinvention enables changes to the ownership of public land, with the consequent rise of large scale private developments and the emergence of semi-public urban spaces which bring new rules to our relationship with the surrounding landscape.

Visitors are invited to walk into the unexpected, a hoarded slice of native woodland in the middle of the city. A space where some might think about the relationship we have with our surrounding landscape and others might dream of the next stainless steel skyscraper. 

Graphic designer Valero Doval was invited to wrap the woodland with a colourful installation inspired by the urbanization & woodlands theme. 

Special thanks to Britta Herold at BRUNS-Hamburg and Agustin Cobo.