Green Roofs | Carbon Zero

Green Roof in Zero Carbon Studio | with Gresford Architects

Location | Albion Drive | London

Environmental charity Project Pressure, commissioned us a zero carbon studio to use as the team’s main operational base.  The zero carbon studio holds a semi-extensive green roof which uses a mixture of lightweight recycled materials as substrate.

The planting plan includes a long list of UK wild native species such as Lychnis flos cuculi, Linaria purpurea, Dianthus carthusianorum, Delosperma cooperi, Talinum calycinum, Viola odorata, Phacelia campanulata, Knautia arvensis, Myosotis sp, etc. Grasses like Melica ciliata, Sesleria autumnalis, Briza media, Bouteloua gracilis bring vertical interest and movement to the design whereas succulents such as Sedum album and Sedum Angelina create an all year round backdrop. 

Photographs are from Year 1