Walled Garden | Listed

The Cottage | Listed Georgian Coach House

Chichester, 2018 | UK

Following the refurbishment on this listed Georgian Coach House, the focus was placed on the restoration of its sun drenched walled garden.

The space was divided into two separate areas, a lower tier with a Mediterranean gravel garden and an upper tier with a contemporary perennial garden. A gorgeous bespoke Loggia, the work of master carpenter Adam Pochee, frames the southern edge of the garden providing a screened space for garden tools. 

To prevent the ‘winter blues’, the garden has a high percentage of evergreen shrubs providing a fuller look during the winter period whilst creating the perfect companionship for the display of blooms from early Spring till late Autumn. The mixture of native and non-native flowering species creates a haven for pollinators. A series of pleached Lime trees running along the Western flank talk to the opposite walls creating a feeling of fresh enclosure whilst adding privacy during the warmer months.

Special thanks to Gareth Gilpin at CTS - Chichester Trees and Shrubs

Special thanks to Adam Pochee - www.wildoakcarpentry.com