Loving Your Garden

Preliminary Services

It is essential to spend time on site with the client, understanding the surrounding space and their idea of what their perfect garden would feel like. Once back at the office I would draft a written document detailing the steps that will follow towards the creation of your new outdoor space including the cost of each stage.

At every step of the process your input and involvement will always be welcomed.  

Each of the design stages will have an associated cost that will vary depending on the complexity of each project.


The site survey will include different things depending on the nature of each project. A few photographs and basic measurements might suffice for a roof terrace, but a full topographic survey and visual impact assessment might be needed for larger projects.


Concept design

Here I will present you with an extensive A4/A3 booklet including the outline masterplan, mood boards, sketches for the full definition of garden areas, planting types and hard landscape areas. It will also include a palette of materials and any proposed garden features.

I will personally present this document to you and after its presentation any suggestions or ideas you might have will be discussed and adopted in order to take the design to the next stage.


Developed/Technical design

During this stage I will produce several documents including a general masterplan and draw detailed proposals for materials, techniques and standards of workmanship. I will also prepare detailed planting plans including number of species, location and size.

As part of the technical design pack I will also provide you with an Estimate cost for the overall garden works and give you a list of suitable landscape Contractors



The technical design pack (also known as tender pack) including drawings, specifications and bills of quantities will be sent to a number of trusted landscape contractors for it to be costed. Once their quotations are in, we will meet up to discuss the pros and cons of each of them and select the most appropriate.


Construction Site Visits

During the construction process I will be visiting the site at intervals appropriate to the Contractor's programmed activities so I can ensure the standards of quality are met. During these visits I will also liaise with the contractor to find solutions to any unforeseen problems that might arise during the construction process.


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